Soul Coaching – Dare to Be You – Dare to feel – Be Authentic, Be FRANK

To guide you to feel again. Your feeling is your heart, your soul and will guide you through life

Deep down, you know there is a better, richer, greater, magical possibility for you… you know it, you feel it, you’ve had glimpses of it but you haven’t figured out how to access it sustainably yet?

You may have tried all different techniques – visualisation, meditation, healing, reading books, doing workshops to stay connected to the ‘magic’ and your power to create what you want.

Often it seems you have to really struggle to reach your dreams, or you lose sight of them and give-up.

Are you ready to live your soul? And to create the life that you feel.

We live in the Matrix – a world of constructs: social, economic, political – even our emotional lives are influenced heavily by our ‘tribes’. We’ve been taught to trust our minds more than our bodies and emotions. These systems have served us, but have also taken us away from our true natures, our true way of being. This less authentic way of being can leave us feeling disconnected from who we are, and from others.  The good news is that it’s never too late to blossom into your true nature and to live out your life’s authentic calling – to become the real you, with confidence, regardless of where that path takes you.

Intuitive soul coaching will help you reconnect with your true nature, helping you detoxify your body and mind at the same time. We’ll help you to trust your feelings and move forward, free of fear.

I would love to hear about how I cam guide you towards your calling.

With soul coaching you will see that after one session you will get the right tools to shift your life to the life that you want. And I guarantee you that you won’t need more then 5 sessions!

Soul coaching is honest, direct and effective! That is what we need in life.

I charge R750 per session and the first session you only pay R500!

If you feel it, give a call or email:

0712039420 –

About Tamara Wensing – a Dutchie living in Cape Town

Tamara Wensing has been gifted with a deep intuition and guidance system, which she accesses through her emotions.

After more then 9 jobes she started at the age of 27 her own business. After seven years of running the company, she felt like life had more to offer – and so she left the Netherlands and headed to South Africa to start afresh. It was when running another successful business (a guesthouse in Somerset West) that Tamara realised the secret to her success: everything she did, every decision she took came from the heart, and not from any other place. All her achievements have been the result of her following her feelings and intuition.

And so she sold her guesthouse and divorced and decided to jump on the online dating bandwagon. Trawling through the profiles she became aware of just how much inauthenticity (read: bullshit) there is out there, especially in the scary world of online dating. This woke her up to her desire to help people connect to their true selves again.

When she isn’t helping people follow their true oath, Tamara writes about the signs she receives from the universe, and guides people in how to use angel cards.

So are you ready to feel again, or are you ready to have an angel card reading, call Tamara! 0712039420 or email her

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